Firefox Blogspot embeded comment form issue - Cant copy/paste & use Home/End keys

Few blog comments in recent past have mentioned about an issue with the comment form in this blog.
This is a strange behavior and only reproducible on the Firefox browser, (surprisingly not on IE6 ;)

Details of the issue:

  1. I am able to reproduce this issue from my Firefox 3.5.3.

  2. The issue seems to be reproducible only if I am not already logged in to my google account and try to enter comment.

  3. The issue is reproducible on all these blogspot blogs where comments are embeded e.g.

    Java Interview

    Software Wikipedia


    Embeded Comments issue

    Understanding Enough

Here are the list of issues when using the comment form text area.

1. Home/End keys don't work.

2. Arrow keys dont work.

3. Cannot do select all using "Ctrl+A"

4. Right click menu does not show any copy paste options.

5. Can not copy any text inside the comment text box.

6. Can not paste any text from outside to the comment text box.

A temporary workaround:

1. I have observed, this issue gets resolved as soon as you log in to google account before starting to enter comment.
2. I have seen this issue only on the Firefox browser, IE6.0 does not have any issue even if I am trying to enter comment without login to google account. So you may want to try IE until this issue is resolved.

Possibly related Firefox Bug:

I came across this link on google Firefox Copy & Paste Bug , which also mentions about the copy/paste issue due to two reasons.

  1. First reason was a bug in Firefox which was resolved long back.

  2. Second reason is a malware. In this post they have mentioned about a Malware which could be causing this, but I didn't see a matching Malware on my system and I am still able to reproduce this issue on my Firefox browser. So there is a possibility that either Malware removal details may have changed or the old bug is re-introduced in Firefox recent releases. If its a bug then it seems to be a very old bug which was resolved long back.

Note for the Readers:

Dear blog readers, till I figure out the solution for this issue please try to use already logged in google account in case you want to do copy paste and other keyboard activities in comment textarea.
If possible, Please post your comments/suggestions from different browsers and let me know if it works fine.

Any Suggestions please:

Readers,Bloggers please post your suggestions/ideas to resolve this issue on my blog as this is annoying to our blog readers and many people are not leaving any comment just because of this issue/bug.

Read more about Embedded Comment form - Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Embedded Comment Form


  1. problem seems to be fixed
    at least it is for me

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I ended up editing the live HTML in firebug, so that I could paste into the textarea, which is a bit excessive, but it does work.

  4. I was still getting the problem, in this very text box, even after I was logged in to Google. The solution there seems to be to accept third-party cookies (Under Firefox Preferences: Privacy). Before I did that, none of my comments, whether "Google", or anonymous, or name/URL, would ever post — the page would simply reload and go the the "post a comment" anchor. I have confidence the same thing won't happen this time, thought, because next to "Comment as:" it says "Lenoxus (Google)". It knows me, finally!

    Next, I'll test if that's the solution even when not logged in beforehand.

  5. Okay, testing…

    Looks like it should work! The simple solution, then, if your FF is up-to-date, is to allow those cookies. (Otherwise, you get the problem whenever comments work like this. The other solution is for bloggers to change the comments to the pop-up or side-bar forms, it doesn't seem to happen with those. But I'm not insisting on such a change or anything like that.)

  6. @Lenoxus - I am still seeing the same issue even after my firefox settings are as you suggested.
    Checkout this snapshot :
    Firefox Security Snapshot


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