Bad news for Firefox lovers on Mac

I am a Mozila Firefox browser lover on Windows and Linux systems. In fact, most of the time I prefer Firefox on windows over IE, Chrome & Safari. I recently started playing with a mac machine and downloaded Firefox version 3.0.10 for Mac. I am using this from few days now and you would be disappointed to know that Firefox is dead slow on Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.6. The page rendering time is too high.

My system configuration is not very good its running on 512MB DDR SDRAM.

On the same system, when I use the Apple MAC native browser Safari 3.1.2 (5525.20.1) it performs pretty fast.

Not only this, I have found many other small usability issues on Firefox browser. Specially related to keyboard usage. For example the select drop down doesn't respond to the key-press. So you are forced to select you choice using mouse click.

Has anyone tried using some other browsers on Mac, please share your experience. I would be interested to know more about browser options on Mac OS X.

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  1. I think there are a few good browsers for MAC. Have you tried Flock for MAC? Checkout Flock for MAC here

  2. I am using flock for windows, its so cool. I hope thr wont be much differnce in MAC os too? does anybody use it on MAC?


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