Are you attending JavaOne Conference? What are your expectations ?

I am in bay area for first time in my Java journey, and was really excited to see JavaOne Conference coming at San Francisco Mascone Center. I spoke to a few Java veterans about their past experiences of JavaOne conferences. Most of them think its a good place to go if you are interested to know the upcoming trends and future technologies in Java area. They didn't think its a place for getting deep understanding of a technology as there are just too many people and from many different backgrounds, due to that it becomes difficult for the presenter to keep the content focused to one specific need.

These were opinions of a few veterans who attended a handful of JavaOne conferences in past few years. So my expectations from this conference are not too high but I am not discouraged with this, I am planning to attend the JavaOne Community West conferences on 1st June, which is going to be pretty high level but its for free so I wouldn't want to miss the fun.

If you dont know the detailed agend of this free 1 day conference, you can look at the Agenda of June 1st JavaOne Community West session here.

My areas of interest are primarily Web Platforms. But more then the technology talks, what really excites me is gathering of so many geeks at a place.

I would not be able attend the whole week JavaOne session due to the cost cutting this season. In fact you would see a poor response for this years JavaOne conference due to the same reason. The Early Bird registration is extended till June 1st and you can get a $200 discount too.

If you are looking for a real in-depth discussion then probably attending the five days session could be a good bet. I am not sure how effective the deep dive sessions are going to be, don't forget to share your experience if you are part of these deep dives.

I wish if there are still some seats available they should allow JavaOne Community West members to join in these deep dive sessions. I would certainly give it a try.

After Oracle's takeover of Sun, I would be interested to see their future plans about Application servers (Glassfish, Weblogic). May be even this time they would figure out diplomatic answers to these questions instead of really talking about future plans.

I would be sharing my experience on JavaOne Community west conference as soon as I am back. Let me know if you are attending this conference too.

BTW if you are in San Mateo, you can take the SamTrans Bus to San Francisco and get down at Stop I (Folsom/5th ), Mascone center is less then a mile from this bus stop.
For coming back you can catch the same bus at SamTrans Pickup J (6th/Howard). Schedule of SamTrans

From other locations at bay area it may be better to use Caltrain/BART instead of driving.

I have heard that Howard street is going to be jam packed during this conference week so you are going to have tough time parking you car. I heard that in past events organized by Oracle the whole block at Howard Street was closed. Sun didn't have that much money to block a street in SFO so they just ended up crowding the area and slowing down. Now that Sun is Oracle it will be interesting to see how much Oracle is willing to spend.


  1. I would be interested to watch the cloud computing talks in the lightning sessions on June 1st.

  2. I guess there is just too many sessions talking about OpenSolaris. Are there any people interested in this?


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