Saving Cost on your insurance: Being Techie may cost you more

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I am buying insurance for my car. In this bad economy I wanted to pay lowest premium for my auto and home renters insurance. Being a software geek the first thing I always prefer is to go on-line on a few insurance company sites and look for a quote. When I looked at the quotes for my auto insurance on web sites it was in the range of $800 to $1400 and that's because this is first time I am buying auto insurance.

For me $900 is a big sum of money over 6 months, I think it will be cheaper for me to go for rented cars over weekends when I need it as I can use public transport to commute to office.

I spoke to a few friends and they suggested me to talk to few agents of same companies, and I did so. I was astonished to know that almost all agents of those companies gave me approximately $450 quote for same coverage, which half the price which was offered to me in online quote. Certainly, the Agents asked me too many questions about my driving history and other stuff like smoking/drinking habits etc. But at the end I have 4-5 cheaper quotes and I am glad that I didn't buy the easy on-line insurance.

I thought of trying the same for my existing Home renters insurance too. It was nothing different then Auto insurance, in fact for home renters insurance, I was paying $250/year for my home renters insurance and now most of the quotes I have received are in the range of $70 to $100.

If you have taken insurance from on-line quote of a insurance company site then it may be at higher side. Check you insurance quote with an agent in your area and I am sure you should be able to save some money.

As every software geek would probably do, most of my techie friends have bought insurance on-line and I am sure it would be worth spending time to save such a big money.

Don't forget to share you experiences about reducing cost and saving money with us.

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  1. I know that for initial few months these company want to hog a lot of money out of your pocket. After few months you should be good on premiums if your history is good. But if its bad then you are trapped into high premiums.


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