IBM's takeover of Sun - What could be the future ?

This is certainly a big news for any Java professional. I have heard mixed responses from my friends on this. Some people are happy to see this acquisition due to the way Sun was struggling to make profit from the huge technology stack they had. Despite being origin of industries most powerful language like Java they were not able to sell their hardware. Some people think it is going to be bad for the open source world as IBM may try find out ways to make money out of this and as a result there may not be lot of free/open source available to Java world.

I have heard that several key people from Sun have already left, and others are perplexed and not sure about alternatives in near future. This is a time when I feel sad about being a geek. Being in this industry we (developers) certainly  are like raw material. No doubt that business decision are made for better reasons but there is certainly a human factor, which gets discounted when we forget about people who have devoted themselves to make such a great company.

Now that some key people are leaving, I feel very uncertain about the future of some key projects which were in pipeline. IBM may want to rethink about the existing projects. For example Glassfish vs Websphere. So as a Java developer you may want to keep watching news and find opinion of IBM about these stuff.

I know a few people  who certainly are very happy about this acquisition and they are the ones who bought the stock on Sun Microsystems a few weeks ago.

Let me know what you think about this acquisition?


  1. what would happen to Open SSL and MySQL. These are really used at big level in industry. I hope nothing happens to Java.

  2. I wish I had bought the Sun stock few days ago, someone told me its really a high risky to buy Sun stock as I am a Java developer and in case the company sinks I lose both ways ;)

  3. Does that imply that from now on we ahve to use IBM jre rather than SUN jre!!

    it means there will be no
    import com.sun.java.

    from now onwords
    import com.ibm.java.

    tough decision to make !!!

  4. Souds interesting!! I am sure they would want to have something like this for the future releases. I have seen that IBMs JVM was better in certain aspects when it comes to PermGen management. Now they would certainly want to have only one flavor of all these JVMs floating around.


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