Google AdSense Intelligence is still so dumb

Google AdSense always had smart ways to display advertises on different pages based on the
content of a page. When I open Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers, Its great to see Google's
own advertisement for Chrome download on this post of mine [ Linux Web Browsers ].
I thought of checking this same page on Chrome itself and not to my surprise AdSense Intelligence
is still so dumb that it displays Chrome download advertisement on Chrome browser itself.

I am sure many advertisers would want to keep such filters on showing advertises.
Advertising intelligence has gone really long way but still there are so many things,
which can be done better. I have always admired amazon.com for its intelligent
suggestions when we are shopping. In fact even drugstore.com is good at suggesting similar products
based on your previous purchases.

I case of AdSense it may not be that easy as the user is not logged in but getting the browser
and operating system information should be the simplest thing to do.

I am not sure how other advertising tools are doing on similar ground,
Let me know if you are using something other then AdSense for displaying advertisements.

You may have noticed similar issues with the Google AdSense or others, feel free to share with us here.

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  1. I am using ContentLink from Kontera, its even worse then AdSense. Does anyone know how AdSense payments are? are they honest on calculating?

  2. Amozon is always been smart in doing such advertising. In fact one of the pioneers in intelligent advertising.


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