Confluence Best Practices - Tasklist Macro

My recent love with Confluence has made me do more and more research over Confluence Best practices and new plugins it has. As I have already mentioned in my earlier post about many useful plugins in Confluence Atlasian plugins repository.

Tasklist Macro:
Tasklist plugin is another simple but useful plugin which can be used to create a simple task list with dynamic image link to mark tasks as completed.

A very simple dynamic to do list can be created using tasklist macro as shown below

{tasklist:My Shopping List}
Buy apples
Purchase new table
Collect laundry

This is how it will look like in confluence page view.

If these macros are not working in your confluence then ask your confluence administrator to update it from Atlasian repository.

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  1. This looks like a cute little macro, but I have found a bug in this. If I have to add new tasks to an existing list with some completed/in complete tasks then the status is messed up. Do you know any workaround for this?


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