Confluence Best Practices - Survey Macro

Doing surveys and polls are really easy in Confluence. In this post I am referring to another very useful Confluence plugin for doing surveys.

Confluence survey macro is an enhanced version of old Vote macro, which enables users to be polled on several issues by creating a new vote macro instance for each issue. The user casts a single vote per issue and can submit a comment with their vote. Once finished, they're shown a summary of everyone's votes.

In addition to the functionality of the Vote Macro described above, the survey macro also provides, ability to store user comments for each issue and a rolled-up summary of the voting on each issue.

Here is an snapshot of survey macro

If the plugin is not already installed then plugin jar can be installed using admin interface.


  1. is it possible to show the specific user, at least show us the specific group
    public users does not know that we are able to see the choices

  2. This can be done using the option visibleVoters=true set this option and you should be able to see who voted for what.

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