Confluence Best Practices - Checklist Macro

My team has started using Confluence for our project and other documentation, and have already loving this cool enhanced web based wiki. Initially when we started using confluence, it was difficult to use few specific documents. Specially related to status tracking an reporting. Recently I found the rich plugin repository it has, there are many usefull plugins in confluence Atlasian plugin repository.

Here I am trying to cover an important plugin macro for confluence which can be used to create dynamic checklist.

Checklist macro plugin :
Checklist is a confluence macro, which can be used to create a dynamic checklist of items.

Here is sample code for creating a checklist of Pets,

{checklist:name=The pets names|parent=Animals|label=pets}
{checklist-input:Common pet names|cols=20}

This is how it will look like in confluence page view.

If these macros are not working in your confluence then ask your confluence administrator to update it from Atlasian repository.


  1. Is this list dynamically editable? or we need to do edit document and go to Wiki text ?

  2. how do you populate this table?

  3. i only see the header but cannot add data to the list?!

  4. im trying to make it work on my wiki page, is that supported? help!


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