Code Searching could not have been easier then this

When was the last time when I really wrote a lot of original code. I don't remember, and I think its also not required to reinvent the wheel if someone has already written it then I will not want to waste time re-writing it. In fact same time can be utilized for improving on the code which is already available.
There are lot of search engines and open source code repositories available on web. In this post I am just trying to cover some good sites that can be helpful finding useful code. These are the sites which I have come across during last few years and found them really useful.

Google Code Search:(http://www.google.com/codesearch)  Google one of the greatest search engines ever and no doubt its great at searching open source, public code as well.
Koders: (http://www.koders.com/) is a very nice search engine for open source and other downloadable code,
Krugle: (
http://www.krugle.org) is another cool search engine. I have seen it bringing more relevant results for my code search.
JarSearch: (http://jarsearch.com/search/) This search is really helpful when you encounter a missing Class error due to a specific jar file not being available. For Java specific jar files this is a great help and quickly resolves issues related to dependency jar files.
SourceForge: (
http://sourceforge.net) This is a good place to search for various open source software. 
Github: (
http://github.com/codesearch) is a public repository and version control web service which also supports Code search feature. 
PHPClasses: (
http://www.phpclasses.org/googlesearch.html) If you are looking out for Code specific to PHP, PHPClasses is a great website. This site uses Google search so results are fast.
O’Reilly Code Search:(
http://labs.oreilly.com/code/)  Publisher O’Reilly lets you search relevant sample code from nearly 700 O’Reilly books. Good for sample codes when you are just looking for syntax and a quick hint.

Hope the above collection of websites will help you save some time and effort. Feel free to share your experiences with any of the above site and If you know of any better websites, which are not listed here, do share with us.

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