I want to become an author?

I always wanted to write something great whenever it was invented by me in day to day work. They call if best practices, gotchas, quick tricks. There are so many things I can suggest or share with people that can make their life easier. If this is what you also think. You have come to the right place.

We dont expect you to be great authors, you just need to be good at bringing articles which are values add for the software community.

Who are we?
We are a group of software professionals who are part of industry. Vision of this web site is to bring lots of good quality information free for the software community. Write an email to us if you want to be part of this group and become a author or contributor at Software Wikipedia site.

How do we publish?
Its very simple it doesn't take much to become a author here. If you can bring a article which is value add for the community then it will be published. If you continuously write good quality articles for us then we can give direct publishing rights to you as well. Write to us (software.wikipedia@gmail.com ) if you are interested to be an author at our site.

Rules and Guidelines for this forum.
We are interested in publishing articles which are a clear value add to the community. Any thing which is not a value add to community will not be published.

Interested for link exchange?
We can exchange links if our interests match, and our review team finds it a value add for the forum. If you are interested to exchange links of your sites/blogs with us then write to us at (software.wikipedia@gmail.com ).

Have suggestions/ideas?
We are open to ideas and suggestions and any idea for improvement is a great idea for us, feel free to write us at (software.wikipedia@gmail.com )

Contact us
We can be contacted by emails. You can email to us at (software.wikipedia@gmail.com ).

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