Hiding Navigation bar in your Blog (Blogger)

The top navigation bar in blogger has some links like Flag blog, Search Blog and next blog for blogger.com. You may want to hide the navigation bar as you get more space to play with and also it will make your blog layout look better without a not matching dull blogger navigation barI am not sure if this breach of  the Term Of Service of blogger.com? But If you want to do this here's the trick to hide blogger navigation bar:

1. Login to Blogger then click "Layout --> Edit HTML".
2. Copy the code below and insert into your <head> tag.

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

4. Now "Save" your settings, and view your blog, You will have no navbar in your blog page.
One important thing, if you do this trick then you will not see the Dashboard and login links, so you may need to to www.blogger.com for doing login and accessing dashboard.

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  1. This is a good idea, not sure if blogger.com will have some terms and conditions related to it or not. It gives us more space to organize data on our blog.


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