Google Chrome Bugs to notice

Google chrome is really powerful browser and brings a lot of good features for developers. It has adopted lots of best practices from different browsers, e.g showing the password save message as message bar instead of popup message. It has very light weight and intuitive user interface. The tab feature is adopted by all browsers but chrome has come up with its developer level help by adding memory and other statistics details with it. Well, I think its enough dwelling about good features of Chrome, and by now you must be sure that I love this browser, and definitely want it to become better. Here are few things I have observed in Chrome which can be either bug or missing as a feature.

1. Horizontal scrollbar issue:

For few pages I have observed that the scrollbar does not take you completely to the right side of a web page. I observed this while I was trying to check my blog for ads which are now invalid. This site (bollywood-music) should show it if Google have not already fixed this bug.

2. Task Manager Bugs:

If you look at the image below, it has a snapshot of Chrome task manager. Initially I found this to be really cool feature. But looks like it does not give appropriate information.

First: Tab taking more memory then browser
If you see the tab of Java ranch site is taking more memory (34172K) than Browser itself (18700K), it maybe true but when I look at the page (JavaRanch) its not actually that huge. So where is this much memory being consumed. May be just because its first tab so consuming for extra stuff too (not sure what it is?)

Second: Missing memory details for a tab
Another issue with the same task manger if you see the two highlighted tabs first is Java Ranch tab(JavaRanch), and second one is (bollywood-music), But I don't see memory details of second tab, where is it gone, may be this could be another reason why first tab is showing more memory.

Search in Text Area:

The search in text area on a web page does not work properly in Chrome, I have observed this by comparing Firefox and Chrome for same sites. Try going to your blog editing page and search text inside the text area. Firefox works great in this as it starts searching as you are typing. Chrome never finds it :). Lets not even talk about Internet Explorer, I hate Internet Explorer's find in web page, its disgusting.

Let me know you inputs on this post, also let me know if you have observed something similar leave a comment.

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  1. hi there,

    the second tab from the same site is part of the 1st process.


  2. It looks like that, but why should it be like that? Its seems to be a bug rather then feature.

  3. My laptop has become very slow from the time I installed google chrome, is it something observed by others as well? I hope chrome is not the culprit but just want to make sure if its observed by others too, let me know

  4. Google chrome at my machine is working very fine, I hv not observed any slowness. This browser looks light weight to IE and Firefox.

    Whats your machine configuration?

  5. "Lets not even talk about Internet Explorer, I hate Internet Explorer's find in web page, its disgusting. "
    Internet Explorer's find bar can find text inside text boxes.

  6. @Anonymous - Welcome to the IE dis-likers group :). IE 6,7,8 are no better and MS continuously keeps releasing buggy product in market. You are not alone facing issues with IE. In fact this is biggest reason why IE has drastically came down in popularity and Firefox and other browsers have picked up.

  7. Internet Explorer is becoming progressively worse with each newer version because Microsoft thinks the best way to address a security issue is to remove the feature from the browser. There have been *some* improvements, looking at it from the user side, like the find bar replacing the find box, accelerators and process-per-tab, but one would expect a *lot* more from the largest corporation in the world.


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