How to submit your site to Google Bing and Yahoo search engines

World Wide Web has millions of web sites and if you have created a web site its not easy for your site to be reached by many people.
One most common way people can reach your website is using Search Engine. In current complecated web of hundreds of thousands site its not easy to remember any specific site, therefore most people prefer searching for what they are looking on web.
Most search engines crawl the world wide web and try to index the sites, but due to huge volume of sites and data it may take long time for your site to be indexed by few popular search engines.
Therefore most of the search engines provide a way of submitting your site URL to them, this will make it faster for the search engine to index the site then open crawling and finding it.

Many people do not know how to submit site to search engines so that it can appear in search results. This information below may be useful for you. If you want your site to be searched by search engines.
Here I am trying to cover few most commonly used search engines .


To start with best Google: Google is number one search engine among all others. Not only due to its user base but also due to the speed, search relevance and number of pages it indexes.
So you should definately submit your site to Google if you want more people visiting your website.

In case the iframe displayed above is not visible here is the link to Submit your site to Google

Google also provides web master tools to help you out and do further analysis on search patterns and visitors statistics.


Second is Yahoo: Yahoo is second best among the search engines in terms of number of people using.

In case the iframe is not displayed above, here is the link to Submit your site to Yahoo!

Many other search engines are also used by yahoo like Inktomi, AltaVista and FAST's AllTheWeb.

Microsoft Live.com

Microsoft BING

Bing: This search engine is being promoted with IE7 & IE8 by microsoft, so its worth posting your site to this one too.

In case the iframe is not displayed above, here is the link to Submit site to BING

Windows Live & MSN There were two different search engines promoted by Microsoft. Now these sites are being redirected to Bing so you dont need to submit your site to this anymore.

Here are all search engine links to submit your sites.

Google | Yahoo | BING


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